Being African, originally hailing from Benin, I was born in the historical city of Abomey, the capital of the old kingdom of Dahomey of the Fon people. As the son of a family of smiths art has been in my blood from my birth on.

Yet contrary to my ancestors, who expressed themselves by means of iron, I have chosen earth, this clay-containing soil of Abomey, which is testimony of historical events. This material is central in all my pictures. Maybe without the earth of Abomey my art would not exist. To the viewers of my works the omnipresence and the permanent use of this material, even my obsession with this material is evident in all my compositions; many a viewer stated the earth could replace my signature.

Some ask where this passion of mine has its origin. My answer is simple: I use the earth, which was witness of my birth, presents me with its hospitality and to which I will certainly return in the winter of my lifespan. In short, this earth of my homeland is everything to me, this earth which I adore.

For study reasons I left Abomey, but everytime my art, working in me permanently, gets the best of all other interests and projects I feel the need to return to the earth of my forefathers. This is exactly what determines my identity and this is what makes my art special. In everything I do I refer to this. There are some who think by doing so I establish a close relation to the material, especially when in addition to my love of my home earth I give in to my tendency to integrate other objects of my daily life into my works, for instance Kauri-shells, symbols of money and luck, in order to create artful objects of utility out of them.

I did not attend any academy of arts, I am an autodidact in its purest sense and I am proud of this, because thus I work without taking pre-fabricated theories into account. So welcome on the pleasing and hospitable plains of Abomey.